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About Cecilie, Caroline, and the Redwood Tree

An ancient redwood tree stretching up into the sunlight and reaching down to protect two little girls.

Cecilie, Caroline, and the Redwood Tree

Some months ago, Cecilie, Caroline, and their family came to visit me from Denmark. One day we all went to see the giant sempervirens redwood trees at Big Basin State Park. The girls were fascinated in particular by the Chimney Tree, which had lost its top and insides to a fire centuries ago, but was still alive and growing after more than a thousand years.

A few months later, their family began to go through some changes. I knew that it would be a difficult time for all of them. I imagined this ancient tree being healed and whole again and reaching down to protect these little girls. I conceived of this painting as a protection icon for Caroline, Cecilie, and children like them everywhere who are facing difficult times.

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