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Cruzio is a great ISP and webhost. They are extremely helpful and they have integrity. They are located in Santa Cruz, California, but you can use their services wherever you are.

Susie Asado

Susie Asado is the alter-ego of Josepha Conrad. I met Josepha on a plane from Madrid to the Canary Islands and she gave me a CD. When I first heard her music, I didn’t like it. By the third time, I couldn’t stop listening to it. She is literate. She has a brain. Her music is quirky and I told her it reminds me of Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill, Frank Zappa, and Leonard Cohen on his happiest day. It has a little of 1920’s Berlin cabaret thrown in. Josepha lives in Berlin. She is not related to Joseph Conrad, whose name was not Joseph Conrad. She has never been to Mexico. I suspect she has a dark secret. Check her out and see what you think it might be.

Tony Papini

Anthony is a great up-and-coming artist. He used to rent a house from me when he was a student at UC Santa Cruz. His style is very different from mine, and it is good. He is very funny. He uses his art to get girls.

The Burma Foundation

The Burma Foundation supports worthwhile humanitarian projects in Burma, or Myanmar as it is called by some. It has no overhead and no paid staff or paid directors, so all your donations go directly to the projects. It is a public charity under IRC Section 501(c)(3), so your donations are tax deductible.

MichaelAngelo Gallery

Angelo Grova is an excellent sculptor. He has a gallery in Santa Cruz, and he offers life-drawing sessions here too.

John Babcock

John is a wonderful paper artist. You will be amazed by what he does with hand-made paper.


ArtPress makes first-class art prints and reproductions. Paul and DavidC are both artists themselves, and their attention to printed detail is impeccable.

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